What I'm Thinking

This is a game I submitted for LD46 game jam. Play at: https://hinerz.itch.io/love-is-alive GitHub: https://github.com/hinasakazaki/LD46 First, a .gif to start off things… In the midst of shelter-in-home, I’ve been watching a reality show called Love is Blind like many other consumers. In addition to that, I’ve been watching “Couples Therapist Reacts to Love is Blind” on YouTube and it’s been surprisingly insightful! link here Having been shut in with my spouse for over a month now, I am increasingly thankful for vulnerable moments, and aware of walls that we put up when we are unhappy. ... Read More
I started soaping for the following reasons: We had old oil we used for frying that we failed to take to the recycling center during our move in 2017. We had a gallon of old canola oil that one of my old roommates left between 2014 and 2015. My spouse eats a lot of bacon due to his keto diet. My mom had told me before that my grandma would make something called 廃油石鹸, which in English means “Waste oil soap” back in the day with old frying oil. ... Read More
While I’m stuck at home for social distancing, I thought I might take time to casually review some of my games for my own recordkeeping. I’ve been trying to play Nier: Automata (which I’m kind of failing at) and it’s been making me think about other Japanese single player games I’ve played. To limit the number of games I review in this post, I’ve artificially limited them to: Japanese Single-player Story based (so no Animal Crossing) I played >= 10 hours of and completed at least one round of (so no Bravely Default or Yakuza series, or short free games) I’m hoping to capture my thoughts so that I don’t have to later. ... Read More
Like a typical femme-person-about-to-get-married, I grew my hair out for the wedding. The 20 inches of thick, healthy hair performed well on our big day, and by that time, I was so sick of having the same hair. Historically I had done all sorts of stuff (color, ombre, side-buzz…), and finally, I could unleash my creativity and apply the scientific method on this long, substantive canvas once again. I used to get my hair bleached and colored at a salon in Berkeley. ... Read More
I had a great 2 years and 10 months of incredible learning and fun at Zynga, but in November 2017, I decided that it was a good time to look for a new opportunity. I started my new job at Google in April 2018, and now that I’ve been at my new workplace for 6 months, I’d like to talk about my strategy and advice for switching jobs a few years out of college. ... Read More