What I'm Thinking

A Trip to Visual Novel Land
16 January 2016

In December, I worked on a game called My (Magical) Best Friend! which is a visual novel inspired by anime (especially Madoka). It turns out that a youtuber made a Let’s Play Video of it. It’s really great to see your game be played by someone who you don’t know, who plays games for the sake of playing games (unlike other Ludum Dares where people play your games so they can get votes as well. ... Read More
A non game! Made during CodePath iOS for Engineers Bootcamp. We won first place! Promo video Description An app for capturing, sharing, and collaborating on musical ideas. Walkthrough Previous walkthroughs: Wireframes For more details, take a look at our repository README.
Ludum Dare 33’s theme was “You are the Monster”. With a theme like “You are the Monster”, and Labor Day in mind (I’m already excited for my 3 day weekend) I couldn’t help but to remember recent controversies with Amazon– shedding light also to the warehouse worker conditions. I don’t want to be too literal or heavyhanded. My goal is to make a small, cute game that has some satirical quality. ... Read More
Hello! I am currently finishing up a game called Slinging Ink. You can play online multiplayer on the link. Currently, we don’t have a tutorial level, so I thought to explain it here. Thus begins our “How to Play”: 1) The main screen has three buttons, “Find Match” for going into matchmaking system and finding an opponent to play with. You might have to wait a bit for the opponent to get ready, so only do this if you have time. ... Read More

Game of Love and Money
12 March 2015

This is going to be a quick one. In our Art 178 class we made a “quick loop” game. My quick loop was the following: boyfriend says he wants something –> player works, makes money, buys it for him –> boyfriend is happy and gives love Yes, super strange and reductionalist. Oh well! Eventually I added more features to the game by adding win/lose conditions: Win love by money ... Read More