What I'm Thinking

Here’s my first travel post! I went on a two week trip with 2 of my buddies and my fiance, Chris to Tokyo and Seoul. Our flight was through Korean Air - SFO -> ICN -> NRT, then HND -> GMP, and finally, ICN -> SFO. Table of Contents Day 1: Arrive, Teppan Baby Day 2: Pumpkin Muffin and Family Day 3: Meiji Jinguu, Ramen, Shopping Yakitori Day 4: Tsukiji, Ginza Coffee ... Read More

New Website!
1 March 2018

I got sick of my old handmade frontend design, Django backend, so I decided to use Hugo to make my static website. I used the hugo-geo template. It was super easy and quick, and so much prettier. I highly recommend it! Some screenshots of my old website: I did enjoy the thumbnails for my projects, so I can see if I can do that here, too, itch.io style.

THE Marriage Proposal Game
24 September 2017

I made a game called Every Day The Game for my now fiance. Note that the rest of the post is a direct copy of what is on my github project README. Play Download at Itch.io Watch PlayThrough Video on YouTube Concept May or June of 2014, we celebrated our first year anniversary at a paint-your-stuff place and I painted this. I didn’t think of it as a game idea, but a cutesy little design. ... Read More

A Trip to Visual Novel Land
16 January 2016

In December, I worked on a game called My (Magical) Best Friend! which is a visual novel inspired by anime (especially Madoka). It turns out that a youtuber made a Let’s Play Video of it. It’s really great to see your game be played by someone who you don’t know, who plays games for the sake of playing games (unlike other Ludum Dares where people play your games so they can get votes as well. ... Read More
A non game! Made during CodePath iOS for Engineers Bootcamp. We won first place! Promo video Description An app for capturing, sharing, and collaborating on musical ideas. Walkthrough Previous walkthroughs: Wireframes For more details, take a look at our repository README.