About Me

I’m a Senior Software Engineer working as TL NLU for Dialogflow.

At Google, I worked on YouTube Trust & Safety doing large scale data migrations and building new tools for reviewing content.

I also worked at Google Research on a research driven product called Falken, a developer service that allows game developers to train AI to play their games quickly. We published an Google AI Blog Post and an OSS Project. I’ve also prepared a talk about this topic so please reach out to me for any speaker opportunities.

Before Google, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Zynga where I developed shared client SDKs, a package management system for distributing SDKs across games, and did lots of recruiting/extracurriculars on the side.

In my spare time, I lift weights, bake, play trombone, take photos of succulents, play games, and make games.

The opinions expressed on this website are my own and not those of my employers.

My resume.

How I got started

When I was 4, I had my first computer on which I played Kid Pix with my little sister.

In middle school, I took a flash and web design class, which exposed me to the joy of creating things that move on its own on the screen.

Meanwhile, I blogged, built websites, and played a lot of Neopets with my friend, Claire, until our accounts got frozen from talking about Grey’s Anatomy in chat.

In high school, I applied to UC Berkeley with the intention of majoring in Economics only, until later that year, I played a game called Portal, which changed my life.

I decided I wanted to make games like Portal, learned programming, and majored in Computer Science.


Rika, or Matsurika, is our cat!

We adopted her at 2 years old from East Bay SPCA after she gave birth to 6 kittens.

October 2020

early Rika

May 2021

recent Rika

July 2021

recent Rika

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