Every Day the Game

A quasi-shooter (meaning, that the player character does not do the shooting, but there is shooting) sidescrolling game that was made for proposing to my boyfriend in September 2017. You can read about the brainstorming, development, and release (<3) process on the github readme linked on the left. 

My Best (Magical) Friend!

Ludum Dare 48 visual novel game by Spotco (programming, game design, writing), Kelsey Canaga (story, art), and me (little programming, writing.) A very Japanese visual novel about friendship, trust and cool magical powers. 


CodePath iOS Fall 2015 Final project. Team VCH: Vicki Grospe, Christopher McMahon, and me!

An iOS app for capturing, sharing, and collaborating on musical ideas. Made in 4 weeks. FIRST PLACE in CodePath Demo Day competition held in Twitter. 

Labor day the Game

Ludum Dare 33 solo jam project. Made in 48 hours on Unity. 

There are cameras everywhere at DelightWorks toy factory, even the restroom. The manager, Miz, is also ubiquitous, she can go make sure everyone can do their work properly. Unfortunately, some workers steal. Some just slack off. But Miz is there to make sure that they are corrected. Mushrooms are great for motivating tired workers. It even works for the Boss, who is apparently addicted to watching distracting things on his computer. How to win: Kill anyone who is stealing. Feed mushroom to anyone who is lazy. The scoring system ONLY cares about how many quotas you meet. Doesn't matter if you kill anyone or don't kill anyone or how many mushrooms are fed. This is the system!! :P


Slinging Ink

Spring 2015 Game Design class final project. Teammates: Cheyenne Frykholm (line art), Ellian Ohn (color & backgrounds), Drew Haymond (game logic code), and me (original idea, networking/misc code). A MULTIPLAYER (using Photon Unity Networking) 1 vs. 1 Tattoo shop simulator game. 

ASD - body parts
HJKL - tattoo components
Enter/Space - finish tattoo
RTY - quick business challenges

Chase The Rabbit

A project I made with Hannah Kim for game design class. About a 8 year old girl Zoe chasing after her pet rabbit dies. She goes through trials of the underworld, at first, naive and pretty, but once she finally rescues Chase, what awaits her is not a happy ending, but another way that Chase dies and her decision to go back and save him again. Over iteration, her naivete grows to understand grim reality and the futility of trying to change fate.

Valentines Day

Fun loop game that I made for Game Design Methods. Made on Unity. Win love with money. Make money by working. Working too much will disinterest your love. Buying something your lover doesn't want will also diminish your love. Being too in debt will also lead to your lover leaving.


My first Ludum Dare game. Developed over a span of 72 hours -- most of it spent traveling and touring Pasadena to visit my sister at Caltech. The game is an exploration focused 2d platformer, with a "threading" mechanic to stitch the holes made by another world to connect to our world.

Video Games and You: The Player's Perspective

Calvin 'Kirbikaka' Lu and I have started and have teached three semesters of our original decal, called "Video Games and You: The Player's Perspective." We have about 20 to 30 students each semester, who passionately discuss what makes video games fun, and what the social consequences of video games are. Our 13 week class is designed so each session is focus on a theme, such as "Controls, Gameplay, and Interaction," "E-Sports," "Game Psychology," "Maps and Level Design," "Gaming Culture, " and "Gamification."

Super Sushi Master

Spring 2014 Hackathon Project, javascript sidescroller where players collect ingredients for sushi and experience the psychedelic effects of each type of sushi. Used Quintus API.

Supply and Apply

CS 160 Android Task/Supply/Job organization app for Plumbers. Went through interviews, prototyping, user experience surveys to figure out the perfect Android App for plumbers. Some tasks include starting a job and adding appliances that need to fixed at a certain location, estimating number of parts to be ordered for the job, and keeping track of what tasks are finished and what parts are left. The app goes through the workflow of adding a new job, adding the appliances that need to be fixed, and ultimately get the estimation of parts needed to complete the job.

Lost Soul

Fall 2013 Hackathon project, Android Pixel art location game thing. Player sets locations as their "Soul places" where they can feel truly at home (Friend's house, a park, a bar). When they feel lost, they see their "Soul" walking relative to their "Soul places." Used Google Location API.