July 16, 2016, 7:05 a.m.
Mentoring Young People

Some new stuff I've been excited about:

  • I play Overwatch now: Lucio is my favorite
  • I still play Dota2
  • I will go to TI6
  • Working on a new product in our SDK at work
  • Mentored some kids (girls) age 14-18 for a game making bootcamp

So, about the last point. 
This is kind of amazing. 

The tumblr for the whole program is here: http://girlsdesigngames.tumblr.com/

Our company sponsored the program, and some of us (Women at Zynga) went over to mentor the kids. The kids learned how to program in scratch. Most of them didn't have any prior coding experience.

And then, one of the teams made an AR game.

Gesture recognizing from a webcam video input.
The nature of the game was catching pokemon with gesture. You can play and see the code here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/116231386/#player

This is the sort of thing, in my opinion, that makes you, as a creator, feel powerful. Leveraging tools (I didn't even know scratch had built in functionality for video processing!) and making a powerful experience for the player is what drives me to continue what I do.

I'm very inspired by them to continue my efforts. I haven't been coding outside work lately, but I have an idea and I'm very excited to build it out. This is a long term project, so I'm hoping to make incremental progress with small projects that can prove out the bigger project.