July 22, 2015, 8:54 p.m.
Working Life

It's been more than a month of working at Zynga as a Software Engineer! Though I definitely have less time compared to my most recent experience of school life (taking two classes, playing DotA2 in the mornings), it's been really exciting! I feel definitely empowered to be part of a company and utilizing my skills I learned in real life. The team I'm on is very interesting and I feel like I'm not only a developer, but also doing different work that other roles do (Analyst, QA, etc) and it's super refreshing. I've also been enjoying yoga every Monday Wednesday and Friday at lunch.

Lately, I have more energy once I come home from work (I usually leave my home around 7:45AM, get to work at 8:45AM, then leave 5PM or 5:30PM) and I've been able to squeeze some time for DotA2 or Transistor. Speaking of which, Transistor is a game that my friend KirbiKaka gifted me for my birthday, but it is simply so fit for my taste I can't stop thinking about it sometimes. The atmosphere, the indie-rock feel, the character's edgy look and humming, the narrator... everything just feels right. 

As I continue my lifestyle, I hope I have more time for personal projects. It's been inspiring to see successful projects like Mountain Goat Mountain getting released into the world from Zynga. 

The other day, I changed my twitter profile picture and cover photo to a pixel art thing I made out of scratch and it felt great to explore my creative side. Though I just added the Django backend a few months ago, I feel like changing up my website as well!