March 21, 2015, 6:31 p.m.
The Backend to My Life

If you see this, it must mean that deploying my Django-backend website on Heroku has finally worked! I finally have an archive system and what not, and things should be working fine (I am still having some trouble with image/static file uploading currently.)

Lately, I've been enjoying a life of taking only two classes: Game Design Methods and Computer Security. Security is awesome, it also happens to be my boyfriend's research field, so it is great to finally be able to learn about it. For Game Design, I've been working on lots of awesome projects and you can check those out on my projects tab above.

Otherwise, I've been playing lots of DotA2. I've finally finished my ranked calibration and I've been winning every ranked game since, bringing me to a MMR of a humble 2223. 

Spring Break is on the way and I'll be relaxing in Southern California! I am very excited.

Have a great break!