Sept. 17, 2014, 6:29 p.m.
School's been going on for a while, now. I think.

I got into all of the classes I planned to be enrolled in: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Behavioral Economics, and ART!! ART!!!! I am super hyped up for this, since I have no real art training (art camps, some oil painting classes, and web tutorials.) The class is all charcoal, graphite, pastel stuff... so it'll be all black and white but so far it's been really interesting! I learned how to do perspective drawings legitimately! Now that school's started, I'm really reflecting on my Summer experiences.

Few things I learned from Ludum Dare: (1) It's not ideal to do it over a road trip. (2) Don't give up so easily. Also, formulate a vision that is not too technically challenging to execute. (3) Don't get too emotional about the game. For me, I think not having a team makes the game-making process even more personal and sensitive. I miss my team I had for my innovation project at Zynga . I also have almost no time to work on personal projects, though I made a javascript minesweeper last week.

School takes alllll my time. No dota. No fun. I still need to make a TI4 album/page to showcase all the stuff I did at The International Dota2 Tournament . I supported Vici from the beginning and it actually won 2nd place! Wow. Something about second places this summer... Oh, in terms of Dota2, I'm transitioning to a semi-carry. I am super good at Necrophos. What!? It's my last year here at UC Berkeley, and I've learned so much, including running regressions on Stata , making apps , cooking , playing DotA2 , organizing awesome events , teaching people about Games with Kirbikaka :), and so much more! While you're reading (which I'm impressed, since most people skip over multiparagraph texts), go ahead and check out my resume and the rest of my website. Hover over the tiles on the left for some surprises!