I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Zynga where I work on shared client SDKs, a package management system for distributing SDKs across games, and do lots of recruiting/extracurriculars on the side (Read: Recruiting more women & diversity, play trombone, do mentorship). In my spare time, I lift weights (150lb squat), bake, play trombone, take photos of succulents, play, and make games.

How I got started

When I was 4, I had my first computer on which I played Kid Pix with my little sister. In middle school, I took a flash and web design class with a super funny and smart teacher, Mrs. Bly. Meanwhile, I blogged, built websites, and played a lot of Neopets with my friend, Claire, until our accounts got frozen from talking about Grey’s Anatomy in chat.

In high school, I applied to UC Berkeley with the intention of majoring in Economics only, until later that year, I played a game called Portal, which changed my life.

The moment I finished playing Portal, I decided that I wanted to make games. I majored in Computer Science (and Economics too!), made lots of games, friends, and learned a lot.

hinerz Now

My most recent side project is Every Day the Game which was released September 2017.

report card I documented a lot of my learnings and process in the github repo.

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